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Hello World!

That probably should have been the title of my first post right? Oh uau, é a vida...

I am here, coding my first paid website, just finished the Mobile (Yes, mobile-first always) and tomorrow I shall finish the desktop. It is soo motivating to get things done and see my code out there. I am not making a lot of money (I basically begged my friend to let me maker her a webpage lol) and I am not creating anything fancy... Just some nice clean HTML & CSS in a nice fluid and simple page that showcases my client services (Does anyone needs Newborn Care help in NYC?) and yet, here I am, proud of this small but accomplishing milestone.

So I guess that is what coding is about hm? I have been learning to code for almost a year now, and just recently I started really programming JavaScript. And sometimes I feel like I have nothing to show for a year of code. But yesterday when I was trying to write down all the online courses I did and I am doing I was shocked lol I did A LOT os studying. Then I opened my github (https://github.com/pachicodes) and again, there are a bunch of little projects. Too little or too much? I don't know! But sure it is the display and proof of all my work.

To my codenewbie friends: Keep going! We sure will go places as long as we keep going!