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My 2019 Dev conferences report

Heya! The year is almost over, and everybody is checking their 2019 statuses and sharing about their year, so here I am to do the same. 2019 was my first full-year as a developer in development and thanks to some Scholarships I finally braved my fear of people a bit and went to 3 conferences in NYC over the year:

1.Codeland, 2. Adulting.dev 3. Women Who Code Connect NYC.

And here is a bit about each:

##Codeland## Codeland conf is a conference by CodeNewbie and happened in NYC in July. It was a one day conference and it is foe newbies: "Whether you're a year into your first dev job or you're finally considering a coding bootcamp, come for the inspiring content and stay for the incredible community." It was a very good first conference, full of awesome talks and you could choose one workshop from a list full of goodness. Also, some very cool swags! lol I am thankful I got a scholarship ticket for this it and that I was brave enough to go and even talked to some people (HUGE introvert here).

##Adulting.dev## Adulting.dev was a one day conference, inspired by You got this from UK. It is a conference for devs all levels and here is no code involved, just some nice life stuff going on, some finances, career hacking, dealing with fear and we even learned about The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers lol PLUS, it was super affordable, I think the ticket was 25$ and there was pizza included lol Another conference that I would recommend for a beginner like myself. Btw, this one was in September. In this one I didn't talk to anyone but some nice people talked to me and I talked back lol

##WWCode Connect NYC 2019## Women who code is a wonderful organization that just wants more women in tech! They have groups all over the planet and you can join them for free The conference itself was on AI/Blockchain, so as a newbie Front-End I didn't know anything about anything, but I had fun. I learned about Blockchain, coded a bit in GO and listened to some wonderful talks from strong women that are doing awesome work in the tech industry. For this one I got a free ticket too yey, and it Happened just last week, December 5th. I am no entirely sure I would recommend this particular conference for beginners based on the content, BUT networking is always good, so I would consider. Also, I knew some girls from Twitter so this was the conference where I talked to the most people lol

##Microsoft Reactor NYC## Not a conference, but worth the mention. The last 2 conferences (Adulting.dev and WWCode Connect NYC) happened on a space called Microsoft Reactor. It is a space from Microsoft in NYC (they also have those in another cities around the world) specially for events like this. So if you are planning a conference, or a meetup, it is a great place to request. I can't say it for sure but I am quite confident they do not charge for the space. And the one in NYC is in an awesome location, just by the bus station. SO if you are thinking about organizing a tech event, totally worth to look into it.

##Final Considerations## First, I am sick today, so forgive me if anything is confusing or any typos ;) Secondly, I wanted to thank all sponsors that made my going to this conferences possible. Third... I have to go take some meds and rest lol

But please, comment with which conferences I should keep an eye on for 2020 ! And will #Dev.to have it's own conference in 2020? Or maybe will them sent me stickers to give away in the conferences I go next year??? @bendhalpern I am a sticker distributor for hire lol Plus, I love Dev.to

ok, ok. Off to bed go. Thanks for reading, and happy Monday!