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Next steps after learning JavaScript

So, I compromised with myself to write and post once a week, and for no particular reason, I choose Monday as the day. But in week 3 I already feel lost in what to write about LOL So I asked on twitter for ideas and someone told me to write about what do to after learning JavaScript... And the answer is quite simple really:

Study more JavaScript!!!

I have been studying JS for 6 months now I believe, and I am far from done. Actually I believe that no one is ever done because there is soo much and new things keep coming. But that shouldn't be seen as a discouraging fact! This should get you excited! Because if there is one thing I learning in my one year of coding is that if you are not passionate about learning, coding is not for you. There is ALWAYS something new to learn and to improve, so yey, learning is awesome!

Are you done learning the basics of JavaScript? Cool! -Now go review concepts and write about it (it doesn't have to be a long and full of detail essay, just write what you got from it). -Try to create some projects and find out what concepts you need to study more and what you feel you are good at. If you have no idea what you would like to create, just look here on Dev posts or youtube for tutorials, but try to personalize your projects to your likes. My last project is this random Harry Potter Character app. #PotterHead -Once you feel you have a good grasp and have a few projects done, consider learning a library or framework. I just got started with React (not confident enough to write about it yet, but soon) and I would be totally lost if I didn't have a good JS base.

That being said, don't wait until you mastered 100% of concept to do a project or start learning a new one, because dude, mastering anything is almost impossible especially without getting to use it, so go code!!!

I think another thing you have to have in mind is, what is your goal? WHY are you learning to code? Right now my goal is to know enough to feel confident applying for Front-End positions by my 29 birthday (April 2020) so I keep going back to CSS and JavaScript basics all the time while learning new things like react. But if your goal is to be a web developer or a full-stack developer, maybe you don't need to spend as much time as I do in JS before you move to the next thing in your learning plan.

As always, this post is solely based on my options and experience, so I SUPER welcome your opinions and advice.

Thanks for reading and Happy Monday! XOXO