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What are your goals for 2020? Here are mine:

So, heya people. Last Friday I had a surgery done (nothing serious but still need lots of rest) so this week I won't write much, but I really want you to comment with your goals. Pretty please???

I will divide mine into Tech related x Non-tech related rather then professional x personal, because if I am being honest some of my tech goals are personal but I pretend they are professional 😂. Some are both! But you can share any goals and in any ways you want.

So I go first:

##My tech-related goals## -Launch an online community for women starting in tech, -Launch my own blog and start posting there as well, -Write at least 1 technical post a month, -Write a talk proposal and maybe, actually do the talk, -Redo my Portfolio, -Get my first paying Tech job, -Starting learning Python with my bestie, just for fun, -Buy a better laptop.

##Non-tech goals## -Start some type of at home exercise, -As soon as I get a paying job, start Yoga, -Watch over how much I eat, -Journal more, -Pay off the evil credit cards, -Save some money for emergencies, -Stay longer in Brazil next time I visit, -Maybe go to Canada visit bestie?

LOTS of goals as you can see. But wait!!! There is more!

I also have DEV specific bonus goals:

##DEV.to bonus goals## -Have a post chosen as the top 7 so you will get me on your email and I will have a new badge ;) -Be one of the top 500 authors of 2020.

SO yes, that is what I plan to get done in 2020. Will I? Who knows!

But I am sure to keep you all updated.

That is all for today, and please share your goals with me ;D

Have a very great week!!!

Merry Xmas if you are into that.