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What have I done in 2019?

This has been quite the weird year to me. As every other year, a lot happened. Good things, Bad things... But 2019 was a specially challenging year to me.

As I sit here to write this, I feel drained. Physically, mentally, emotionally... Impostor Syndrome is kicking my a$$ so hard I wanna cry.

So I just wanted to write about what I have done this year, and hopefully that will help me to see that hey, I am in the right path. So Sorry, today I am writing for myself.

-In 2019 I finally went home to Brazil after almost 6 years without seeing my family. -In 2019 I learned JavaScript and officially started programming. -In 2019 I started writing weekly posts like this one. -In 2019 I got a No from an internship I really wanted BUT shortly after I got accepted in another one. -In 2019 I decided that I will make my life as a Developer.

And that is why I can't give up. I got keep going, until I make it. And that is the one goal I can't lost track of.